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  Otto Schmidt, Principal Consultant, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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a) Education

            Gifted, Special Education
     & regular elementary, secondary
- academic assessments i.e. find areas
   to improve and add to existing skill set 
- differentiated learning
- gifted program facilitators inservicing
- school staff development
- integrating competency skills into
        existing curriculum
- new curriculum design
- teachers workshops/seminars
- whole-school subjects enrichment
- early learning (pre-school ages 2-5)
- conference presentations/keynote

b)Parents/Advocacy Groups

- assistance in educating gifted children
- competency skills training workshops
       for adults/children
- weekend workshops e.g. creativity,
- summer camps e.g. art,
      creative writing, inventing
- guest speaking, meetings &
         conference presentions
- tutoring and mentoring for gifted

c) Business

- "soft" personal competency skills 
    training eg.  creativity, analyzing
- business development skills training
- staff development & in-services
- guest speaking, meetings &     
         conference presentions/keynote

d) Life Coaching
for the Gifted

- counselling gifted children & adults 
- understanding/appreciating giftedness
- individual tutoring
- competency skills development 
- problem-solving skills
- inter-personal/relationship issues
- self-confidence, motivation 
- holistic approach - mind/body/spirit

a) Education Services
The following are primarily for gifted children and adults but open to others as well.
*Gifted Programming*
- problem-solving and guidance in most areas of giftedness
- academic assessments to find strengths, weaknesses, and directions education might go
- teaching highly personal competency skills for survival and/or advancement
- program & curriculum design for gifted students, gifted classes, or dedicated gifted schools
- Individual Education Plans - valuable stategies, planning, and realistic implementation 
- problem solving skills for gifted children   

*Elementary & Secondary School Staff Development
- presentations suitable for professional development days, conferences, in-services, group meetings after school hours e.g. improving perception, special education topics, curriculum development, improving creativity in the classroom, developing thinking skills, teaching stategies that motivate and challenge students, and more

*Guest Speaking &
- special attention is given to high-needs topics: improving motivation, developing leadership, improving creativity, inventing new products/services, educating youths for success in the future

*Highly-Personal Competency Skills Workshops for Parents, Children, & Schools*
   The skills are selected from my resource book "Accent on Essential Life Skills." Choose from 48 skills to enhance: higher-level thinking, self-awareness, creativity, problem solving, researching, 
productivity, leadership, communication skills
To purchase my books "Accent on Essential Life Skills" and "Accent on Educating the Highly Intelligent", please get in touch. Payment is by e-transfer, or paypal-credit card.  
b) Parents/Advocacy Groups
- how parents can help their gifted child(ren) or adults learn more effectively
- parents can also learn highly personal competency skills. The skills empower, motivate
- learn methods and approaches that reduce friction and/or conflicts with classroom teachers
- weekend specialized workshops for parents and children e.g. creativity, inventing, STEAM topics
- summer skills-based camps for children e.g. art, creative writing, inventing, STEAM topics
- guest speaking, seminars, workshops, and presentations at parent meetings & conferences
- personal tutoring and mentoring of gifted children/adults (at your home or mine)
- ways of enriching your child's daily life and learning so he/she does not get bored
- accompany you to talk to teachers or attend identification/placement/review meetings
- collaboratively designing lessons and skills training for homeschoolers
- problem-solving and designing curriculum for homeschooled children
- ways to draw out the best in gifted children with special needs/exceptionalities
c) Business
- leadership training at the different levels of management
- creativity & thinking skills training for employees to increase output, improve team   
   dynamics, and more
- custom-designed, needs-based staff presentations & in-services eg. customer relations, body language, communication, stress control, more effective meetings
- company conference presentations
- guest or keynote speaking at any function
- educational training in "soft" skills to help today's workers meet the needs of the future
d) Life Coaching for the Gifted
- appreciating oneself more, respecting and nurturing one's giftedness
- improving self-concept, self-confidence, inner strength, adaptability, 
- using one's gifts in more powerful and positive ways to enrich personal life and learning  
- how to reduce boredom at home and school
- negotiating for more control over personal life and learning while in school
- personalized tutoring in creative ways to improve levels of perception, existing skill
      sets, studying skills, relationships. and more                               
- ways to help gifted people become more self-directed, independent learners who produce
      new learning instead of just regurgitating the old 
- understanding giftedness and how to deal with related problems and issues 
- developing and nurturing a more positive attitude and energy

- how to better handle conflicts with teachers, peers, authority figures, others

About Us 

Accent on Skills Consulting has been an Ontario company since 2002
Principal Consultant: Otto Schmidt
- B.A.-Psychology
- Teaching Certification: Primary-Junior-Intermediate levels
- Master of Education-Curriculum Development
- Special Education Specialist
- Principals Course Part 1
- Other qualifications in: Religion, Senior English, Industrial Arts, Law. 
Education Experience
- 40+ yrs. as a teacher - certified member in good standing of Ontario College of Teachers 
- 26 years as a gifted program facilitator for a Toronto school board
- consulting work - nationally and internationally - with parents and teachers, government and businesses
- tutoring gifted child(ren) ages 3+ and also gifted adults
- expert in designing curriculum for highly intelligence children and adults  - nationally, internationally
- Elementary Education Instructor at the Ontario Science Centre, Toronto, Canada.
Other Qualifications & Experience
- former owner/researcher/developer of an enrichment website for gifted children and their educators: 
- former Editor / Publisher of "Gift Rap" Newsletter for gifted children, parents and educators (12 years)
- Author of "Accent on Essential Life Skills" resource book and also "Accent on Educating the Highly Intelligent" *(see menu link "Educational Books")
- member of the Advanced Technology Think Tank - representatives of companies and organizations from many countries gather for updates on advancements and trends in technology and manufacturing. This group has met in by-invitation-only conferences for over 50 years.
- designer of inventor training courses and trainer of those wishing to teach the process of inventing
- former founder and director of the Great Canadian Inventions Show, advisor to iCAN Canadian inventions shows
- former Education Director of the Innovation Initiative Co-operative Inc. - the world's first inventors co-operative


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